Where is my drive space disappearing to?

Current setup:

Intel i5 2500K
Geforce Evga 460
Ram 8gb gskill
Samsung 1TB Sata III
Crucial M4 SSD 64GB

Hey everyone, I'm have an issue with some drive space disappearing on my Crucial M4 SSD. I've been googling and reading different scenarios of where it could be disappearing to ranging from:

Disk Cleanup - done, barley anything shaved there.
System/temp files - I know they are always being created, but to what extent??
Restore Points - I've tried deleting these already
Viruses/Malware - Fresh install on brand new SSD
Windows updates - not set to automatic

Treesize File scanner - This is the weird part:

-"My Computer" says my SSD has a total drive capacity of 59.6GB.
-Treesize says total space being used is 36GB (this is INCLUDING the 14GB the pagefile and hiberfil system files take up.)
-"My Computer" says I have 12GB of free space left.

If math serves me right, between the used and free space, that totals to 48GB.

59.6GB - 48GB = 11.6GB of space unaccounted for. It's THIS number that keeps changing, the space that I don't know where it's being used. Treefile isn't picking it up obviously.

Thanks for the help fellas!
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  1. Your Page file is usually automatically set to a similar size as the RAM in the system (if you let windows control it). So there is 8GB I have mine set to 200MB manually. System Restore usually is set to ~ 10% of your disk. There is a slider to reduce it.

    If you installed windows 7 directly onto it (formatting from raw during installation) it will partition off 100MB.

    All of these things could be added up to make your 12 GB discrepency.
  2. Edited OP.

    Sorry, I posted the treefile part of the post with the assumption that people would know it included the pagefile and hiberfil system files.

    The 36GB of total space being used includes the system files.
  3. +1 @ americanbrian.

    also theres another one that the RAM/pagin affects. me for instance, i had to manually change that one (16gigs) and another location for another 16 gigs.

    forget the place since it was a long time ago but follow AmericanB. and you should be fine. .... OH and if its a fresh install, off of a win 7 to win 7, check the "windows old" part aswell.

    that one ALWAYS gets me lol
  4. Mods can we please close/delete this thread? I had multiple threads opened on a few forums with many tech gurus and I honestly think we've exhausted all possible options. I had the longest thread going on at sevenforums and they pointed the finger to my programs which may have had viruses/spyware, however I just did a formart of my drive with a fresh install of Windows and it's still continuing.
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