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hi i bought a new graphics card an Nvidia 6800gt 512mb ddr2 but after i installed it and powered the PC up the light on my monitor stays orange the fan on the card is spinning away quite happily so its receiving power and when i switched back to onboard graphics it all booted up fine any ideas as to what the problem may be

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  1. hi again wasn't at home when i posted this so didn't know my specs off hand

    system specs:
    Board: American Megatrends K7S41
    CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (Barton Core)
    Memory: 1.5Gb PC3200 DDR at 2000Mhz
    PSU: ATX300GTF 300w
  2. Well it seem it should work everything seems fine, and 300w is enough to use a 9500Gt
    so it cant be the psu, Check if you put it in the slot proppaly?
  3. yeah i've taken it out and put in back in about five times to check that because somone else i know said the same thing
  4. I had a 6800gt AGP card and if I remember correctly it was more like a 350 w requirement. I remember because I fried my PSU on this card and ended up getting a nicer 500W and then ran fine.

    Also, it should have a power connector on the card, is it plugged in?
  5. yeah i had connected the power connector but thanks for the advice was thinking of upgraging the psu. so it ran fine on a 500w then cheers
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