Don't hate me for this PC (Gateway)

Thanks for input on power supply issue.... A few more questions for the experts here... :
What do you guys think about DDR2 VS DDR3?
I was originally determined to only buy a new PC with DDR3 supported and installed? But I impulse-bought this Gateway (still haven’t opened box yet)... It is the DX4300-03.
PS ... also about the 2.4 Phenom. Underinformed Salefolk told me it was 2.6 which I already thought was a little weak. Any opinions on 2.4? Keep in mind that I don't really game, but DO run MANY programs simultaneously?
Thanks Again For Input !
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  1. Well, you could build a much better box for the $650-$700 you spent, including Win7 instead of vista. Your Gateway comes with a warranty/support, will do what you need, and is loaded with bloatware/trial version programs. It's for people who just want to buy a box for cheap and move on.
  2. It does have Windows 7 now. But yeah thanks. Think I *^#!*-d up. Think I am going to leave the box unopened and return it to Fry's? They only charged me $630, but it looks like I could make a better choice for similar amount?
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    Yeah he is saying you should build your own. You would probably get higher quality parts (case/mobo/psu) and be able to pick out things specific to your needs.

    Also, DDR2 and DDR3 doesn't show much of a difference in most tasks, but its still a good thing to have. Not something that is required or worth paying an extra $100 for though.

    If you aren't gaming or doing video encoding or anything CPU intensive, other than multitasking, you should be fine on a slower phenom quad tbh. A newer Athlon II quad would probably be more efficient, a little faster, and maybe cheaper though if you went custom or find a build with one.
  4. I already posted my thought to your other thread. Please stop making multiple posts with the same question.
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