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Hi, I recently purchased an XFX HD-695X-CNDC Radeon HD 6950 2GB. I was hoping to flash it to enable 6970 shaders but everytime I try I get a subsystem id mismatch error using ATI flash and the sapphire bios. The card doesnt have the bios switch and I've read mixed feedback so far. Does anyone know of clear steps I could take to enable the bios to unlock the shaders? I was also wondering what's the best program to use in order to overclock the card as well. Thanks!
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  1. MSI afterburner. Unlocking the bios to a 6970 is not guaranteed and in some cases the unclocked shaders are lasered off. Most games would run fine with a 6950 and flashing to a 6970 only adds a 10-15% performance boost. You can make up half of that performance just through OC'ing alone. IMO OC/flash your 6950 when you need to, when those extra fps are needed for smooth game play. otherwise, you risk bricking your card.
  2. Not going to happen with that card,it's locked.
  3. Here is how I unlocked the shaders on my 6950. Pretty straight forward. You may be able to do it also. I purchased my card just 3 weeks ago and was able to do it. It depends on when your card was manufactured: newer cards are locked, but if you happen to get an older version, you are gtg.


    Good Luck!
  4. what ill tell you to do is to overclock it to the performance levels of a hd 6970, i've done that myself
  5. Yeah if you can't unlock your card it isn't the end of the world.

    Its only like 2-3% boost to performance on top of your OC.
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