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laptop : alienware area 51m 766

ok i have a pentium 4 extreme edition at 3.2ghz socket 478 i found they make core 2 duo mobile socket 478 processors i got the latest bios in my alienware would it support the core 2 duo the pins are exactly the same.

pentium 4 extreme identical to mine except for the speed differance

core 2 duo mobile socket 478 i want to upgrade to

the front side bus in the core 2 duo is the same as my processor right now 800mhz so it seems like it sould work anyone know if it would support it?
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  1. That Pentium 4 is a desktop processor in the desktop 478 socket. The Core 2 Duo is a mobile processor in the mobile socket known as Micro-FCPGA... which happens to have 478 pins. They're not compatible afaik. If you want to be extra sure call Alienware support and ask them about it, but I don't think you can upgrade the processor in that laptop.
    Time to buy a new notebook if you need a better processor.
  2. alright thank you ill check with them to be sure
  3. xscarypeoplex said:
    alright thank you ill check with them to be sure

    as long as it is the mobile T series I believe it will work as I saw a website that offered the C2D T series chip as an upgrade on that model.
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