Hi ladies & gents i tried everything i just cant get the drive to work on my pc if you can please help me solve this problem

i got a p67h2-a3 ecs mobo sas drive with model no. st3146356ss and a mb123ik-1 hdd rack im trying to make this drive my main drive but just cant seem to get it to work
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More about need installing drive please
  1. SAS drives will not work on SATA controllers. These are enterprise-grade devices that require a special controller. An SAS controller will run an SATA drive, but not the other way around. I'm going to run over to the ECS site and see if that board supports SAS. And look to see if the IcyDock does, too.

    Oddly, my last post was on a thread about a foxconn bloodrage motherboard, which has two SAS ports.

    EDIT: I think that you got the wrong drive. The motherboard does not support SAS. The IcyDock does, but that's not enough. It's just a pass-through device.
  2. hey there thanx for the reply so what you trying to say is i bought the hdd dock for nothing the other thing that puzzles me is why does the normall drive spin up but not the sas drive infact im running a normal drive in there now as my main drive
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