What's The Best GTX 260 to buy today?

iunno if i should get xfx or evga or i don't know.

so if you could gimme a link i would appreciate it. :D
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  1. To be fair, I have never used XFX, but I can say from experience EVGA is top of the line in quailty, and cusomer support.
  2. EVGA IMHO. My last XFX a POS. Lots of CAPS in this post :na:
  3. Depends what model 260 we are talking about. The 260's range from 139.99$ to over 200.00$
  4. o well im looking for the best card for 200 dollars. so ive heard 216 core a lot but wasnt sure exactly which one to get.
  5. Get this :

    EVGA 896-P3-1255-AR GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 896MB 448-bit GDDR3


    XFX GX260XADJC GeForce GTX 260 896MB 448-bit DDR3
  6. If brand isn't a big deal to you, this is what I'm using:

    MSI GTX 260 Core 216 (OC'd to 655Mhz)

    Otherwise, OvrClkr's link to the EVGA card is a good way to go.
  7. yea that MSI 260 is a sweet deal. I was going to suggest that same card but wanted the OP to have the benefit of Lifetime Warranty.
  8. By the way: Unless you're set on a GTX 260 (nVidia) you really might consider the ATI 4870 1GB cards. Basically matches the GTX 260 over all performance wise, but can be had very cheap.

    XFX Heat Pipe cooling ATI 4870 1GB $144.99

    Could also consider weighing the pros/cons of doing the new ATI 5770 1 GB for DX11 support.

    GIGABYTE GV-R577D5-1GD-B Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 ($159.99)
  9. OvrClkr said:
    yea that MSI 260 is a sweet deal. I was going to suggest that same card but wanted the OP to have the benefit of Lifetime Warranty.

    Yeah, MSI seems to make a good video card, and is almost always the cheapest for the nVidia based GPUs in my experience. They typically offer a substantial overclock from factory, and are still cheaper. *shrug* I personally don't enjoy trying to OC video cards, so having a big OC on the card from factory isn't bad. But you have to be careful with OC versions, as they can sometimes be quite a bit more expensive and not really give you much of any gains.

    Lifetime warranty is good (especially if you can get a double lifetime warranty for resale help), however a 3 year from MSI is more than I'll personally ever need.
  10. Yea the 5770 would be a smarter choice future-wise =)

    +1 jerreece
  11. ok now i got some options.

    thanks everyone. appreciate it. :D
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