BIG QUESTION: This looks bad, what can I do to improve it????

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Recently when I try to play GunZ, a MMPO game, my monitor goes to sleep, can the power be affecting it, and the temperatures??
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  1. Sorry for double posting,

    maybe this image will turn up

  2. What do you mean to improve it?
    Does it do that on more games, or just that one?
    After the monitor goes to sleep what do you do? You force shut down the PC?
    Be more specific and i think i can tell you what your problem is :)
  3. 114C? Is the fan on your graphics card spinning?
  4. use another tool......speedfan is notorious for some odd readings.
  5. Well on any 3D game that requires it to go online, using more ram, power, and By improve I mean reduce the temperature, and what does the 12V :14.8V mean? does that mean it's using more power than it can handle??

    Yes the fan is spinning but i think it's an integrated motherboard, yes I force shutdown, because I can't gain control back over the monitor after I try to run the game online, please help.
  6. again sorry for double post, i don't know how to edit a post,

    here is my stats:

  7. Hehe, well you mind telling us your PC Coniguration? :)
    If i would guess, i'd say your problem is the Graphic Card...
    Monitor goes off, and you have to force shut down the PC right?
    Had a problem like that, graphic card fixed it..
    Edit: BTW i mean the Full PC configuration i can see some on the picture
  8. Well it's a ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 series, I have the latest updated drivers, It's REALLY OLD I KNOW, ummm, ACPI uni processor PC, I'm really knew at this, where would I access the rest of the info you need to help me, please, and thanks in advance.
    EDIT: Also, a key fact would be the fact that this didn't occur until just yesterday, before that it worked fine, and It was after I cleaned up dust from inside, used a compressed air can, and yes everything was disconnected
  9. Oh then some of your Fans are disconected from the PSU or Mobo :) (let's hope it's this)
    Or... Your PC's life came to an end... You know you can buy a really great PC that will run all games for about 200 Euros :)

    I cleaned mine up like that once, and some of the fans were disconected, lol
  10. First thing to check is that you are running the latest drivers for the onboard video card/chipset

    Next off, try hwmonitor its better then Speedfan for what you need. Those temps are not right in speedfan.
  11. So I went to Fry's, a diagnostic would be 90$!!! Thats insane, I'm not sure how much it is in Euros, but ridiculous none the less, anyways, after everything I have told them, they decided that it was most likely that my graphics card was really outdated and buy getting a newer card would correct the problem,, I haven't puirchased it, but I want a verification on whether or not it would help, and another note, HWmonitor gave me the same readings as speedfan, NOT GOOD!, got a new case fan, and it reduced the temperatures slightly.

    heres another picture, hopefully answers some other questions leading to me playing games :D

    Again thank you in advance, really appreciated.
  12. Hehe, so it was the graphic card like i tought.
    Replace your graphic card and if you want a really cheap solution get the ATI 1950 Pro, or get Nvidia 9400 or 9500. You will be able to play alot of games on mid settings. I currently have Nvidia 9400 and i can run GTA IV, hope that proves it, hehe. Just needed a cheap solution so i got it... Cuz im going to buy a new PC soon.
  13. I just can not see Gunz needing a new video card, I ran it back in the day on a Geforce 4 MX and TI as well without issues. This game simply does not require much to work.

    Do any other games do that? The 100+ c temp is just a bug. There is a sensor location on the hardware monitor chip without a sensor connected. Normally HWmonitor removes those from your view.
  14. Hmmm I'm starting to doubt it was just a graphics cars problem, I can play other games from, just not gunz....
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