What kind of screw driver should i use...

To screw in the screws in my case, etc. I read somewhere it should be plastic base or such so that an electric current cant pass through it or something like that...
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  1. Unless you are the "Storm" Character from X-Men, I wouldn't worry about it :) . There are such things as insulated screwdrivers but their purpose is to protect the user from electric current. When working on computers, the danger is static electricity from you discharging onto sensitive electronic components.

    !. Your PC should always be grounded when working on it....power cord plugged in and PSU off.

    2. Shoes of a rug is a bad thing....best workspace avoids fibers and anything that causes static electricity from friction. Bare floors, uncovered wood table surface, bare feet even, is best.

    3. Touch your case before touching any electronic component or wear a grounding wrist strap.

    4. Leave all items in anti static packaging until needed.
  2. As long as the switch on the back of your PSU is flipped to off then you have nothing to worry about, any type of screw driver is fine, the magnetic tipped ones are so weak they have a very low chance of damaging anything but its still probably best to stick to a classic nonmagnetized on. Use one thats small and easy to use because some cases make larger screw drivers impossible to use.
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