Monitor: Currently have 22" looking at 27 or 28"

I am currently looking at two monitors....

HF-289HJB 28" Widescreen HD LCD


Acer B273HU bmidhz Black 27" 5ms HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor

I am not sure if it's worth the extra money to get the 2048 x 1152 resolution. This is not a standard res, is it?

I noticed there is a new samsung 22" out with that res, but the monitor is kind of small.

Any opinions? My monitor now only supports 1680 res, and if I spend money on a new monitor, I am thinking I will see more value for my money with a bigger size.

Why are 27 or 28 not more main stream for gaming monitors? People are willing to spend 600+ dollars on a video card, yet skimp on 22 inch monitors?
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  1. Links are broken.

    I think most people don't put much thought into monitors when they're putting a system together. Also, every monitor is different. It's much easier to skimp some on your monitor to get a better CPU, better GPU, etc.

    I think most people use 22-24" displays because anything larger than that gets much more expensive; it's a case of diminishing returns. That, and your games will run better at the lower resolutions.

    If you want to spend the money and have the CPU+GPU to back it up, you'll probably love either of those monitors.
  2. Links fixed
  3. This Hannspree is a old model but i have been using the HF-289HJB for going on 2 years. I am not a gamer as most gamers use this one for. I use it for 1080P HD video and it is very good. A 3 yr. warranty is a plus. The side buttons take some time getting used to though by feel. At the time of my purchase i paid $529 at Best Buy, so at $399 it is a good buy if not a refurb. unit. 3ms response time also.
  4. bodean said:
    Why are 27 or 28 not more main stream for gaming monitors? People are willing to spend 600+ dollars on a video card, yet skimp on 22 inch monitors?

    Bigger does not equal Better, it's the other way around.

    For example 1920 x 1200 monitors start at 15" and go up to 27", though the 17 and 15 are reserved for laptops.

    On the desktop, it's 22 to 27 and all things being equal, the 22" will be sharpest. No matter how big the screen is there's the same amount of dots on the screen. A big screen TV looks great at 15' away but is blurry up close and you can see individual pixels. If you are sitting the same distance from the screen, a 22" will be very sharp.....the 27 inch will be "grainy" and only starts to look as good if you move further away from the screen where you can no longer see the spaces between pixels.

    At 27 inches, you are looking at only 83 pixels per inch, well below the point (96) when you can start to see individual pixels. At 24", you are just below that level at 96 pixels per 23 inches, 98

    To calculate your pixels per inch (PPI) go here:
  5. bodean, what is your graphics configuration, actually just give me specs on all your components.
    -Reason why I am asking is because if you want a much higher resolution you will need a serious hardware set-up to back it up and give you good frame rates. From 1680x1050 to 2048 x 1152 is huge jump and you will need a very powerful CPU, GPU, and good ram to play games on good fps and settings on that resolution. If you lower it to a smaller resolution then your picture quality will be horrible, becuase non-native resolutions on LCD's in games look horrible in games (been there, done that).

    -Secondly, about that 28'' monitor you want to get. If you sit very close to the monitor when you play, i wouldn't reccommend it becuase 1920x1200 on a 28'' sitting right infront of it might not look that good, you might see the pixels. If you sit a reasonable distance away from it then you'll be fine.
  6. • i5 750 Nehalem OC'd 3.50GHz • GIGABYTE GA-P55-UD3R • G.Skill 4GB DDR3 2000 • ATI 5850 video card
    • Western Digital VelociRaptor 300 GB 7200 RPM • Thermaltake - 850-Watt TR2 RX Power Supply • Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Mid-Tower Case •
    HP w2207 Black 22" • Windows 7 Ultimate (7600)

    The monitor would be on my desk, and be maybe a foot in front of me. Running my 22" at 1680 res, I don't feel like I'm getting the true value out of my video card with gaming.
  7. Hmm, a foot is really close. That 28'' 1920x1200 is going to be pretty blurry at 1 foot. An ATI 5850, should handle 1920x1200 very very well (I am not sure about 2048 x 1152. If you get lets say a 26'' or 24'' monitor instead that supports the same 1920x1200, it can elimanate the blur and pixels from having to be stretched out so much. The picture will look great even at close range and your card should be doing good.
  8. Thanks. Ill look for a 24" today at best buy (I have about 200 in gift cards).
  9. Nice!

    I am also in the market for a new screen really soon.

    I am after something similar, but am waiting for:

    A good quality 26inch LED backlit monitor.
    They have better colour and blacks than cathode backlit screens and use les power.

    2 I have seen about + reviews of them on other sites seem promising:

    Acer S243HL 24" Widescreen LED Monitor

    Dell G2410 24" Widescreen LED Monitor

    The 24inch ones Only draw about 17.5watts of power!
    An appreciated saving here in the UK, things left on a Lot have costs that add up quite fast.

    Anyone seen any modern 26 inch versions yet or know when they are coming out?
    (not interested in them if older than a few months - or are damn good, as older ones still use lots of power for some reason)
  10. ^Well the LED's have better blacks then LCD's because they don't have a backlight lamp, however good quality new LCD's make blacks almost unoticable worse. Moreover, plasmas produce blacks just as good as LED's so compare those and look for competitive pricing and get the one which fits your budget. either way, if you are using this for your computer it will be crappy within a short time as i am pretty sure LED's also suffer ghosting as do plasmas.
  11. heya blackhawk,

    I don't know why you are still talking about LED backlit LCD screens suffering burn-in. They are the same as screen tech as other TFT screens, Just with different backlighting.

    I have talked with you on this subject before!

    And from a Very quick search on this subject:
    LCD technology is not prone to screen "burn-in" or "ghosting" (premature aging of pixel cells) due to the nature of the technologies "twisting crystals."

    Estimated lifetime of LED lamps is over 100,000 hours
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