After 8 days, 20:35 of working again the wireless went out!!!

I have a Linksys WRT160Nv3 been having wireless dropping probs. with it for about maybe a month, a reset would always fix it. I got it Oct. last year. It happened once, a firmware upgrade fixed it until Jan. this year. Then it started to drop again, I had to start the reset fix again. I ended up making 1 more Linksys firmware upgrade, still my wireless dropped!!! I ended up putting DDWRT on it DD-WRT v24-sp2 (11/25/09) mini still it was dropping, called Linksys & they said change the settings, cool it worked for about 8 days, 20:35. Then like a minute ago it drooped again!!! Reset, working again, Linksys is a good company, well they are a well known company. I live in a tiny hick town, I think I am the only one with a wireless router. It isn't a heating issue, I would like to not have to get another router. The Internet is wireless, but that isn't the prob. Why would the wireless drop then come back, it was going fine for a few months before it went out for a significant amount of time, then it recently lasted for 8 days, 20:35. Here are screen shots that might help, Just links, they will bloat up the post. The last shot is prob. not needed, but just to be sure I posted it. There is 1 cordless phone, but not close to the wireless system at all.
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  1. Have you tried other channels? Did you ever consider it might be the wireless client adapter that's the problem? What's the make/model of that adapter? Are you using the latest drivers? Are you using the wireless client application that cames w/ adapter or WZC (Windows Zero Configuration)?

    WRT the cordless phone, these phones have quite a reach. So as long as it’s in the same house, I’d consider it a potential problem. Of course, it’s only an issue when in use. That’s another reason I’d like to see you try some other channels (btw, channels 1, 6, and 11 provide the best separation).

    Another possibility (although less likely) are other 2.4GHz devices. The 2.4GHz band is used by a LOT of devices, including cordless phones (as you mentioned), microwave ovens, radio control equipment, even wireless mice and Bluetooth. So I’m always suspicious about this 2.4GHz band, lots of opportunity for mischief.
  2. I have tried the channel switching, no good. The odd thing is it has worked for 8 days 20 hours 39 minutes & just dropped the wireless. A power-off/on fixes it for a time, only minutes most times. The USB wireless card is SMC that is all I know. The wireless is not working with no calls being made or the microwave being on. Not a heat issue, isn't hot, it is hardly warm. This is a tiny hick town, no interference really. So settings must be good. Prob. should get another router.
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