WindowsXP installation id not working, piracy?

i have just installed a new motherboard and windows xp has given me an installtion id to validate over the internet or phone.the internet option does not work and when i phone microsoft the id key doesnt work and the automated message claims i may have been the victim of piracy. what should i do?
many thanks
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  1. Verify the product code you used to be sure you entered the correct letters and numbers. If so, then there two possibilities:

    1) Your product key is an OEM key that came on a pre-assembled computer, like Dell or HP. If that is the case, try the support site, or call their technical support for resolution. Changing the motherboard will likely cancel your XP install, since Dell, HP, etc. use OEM XP, which cannot be transferred to another system.

    2) MS has identified your product key code as stolen, compromised, or possibly, pirated. You would have to buy a new product key code; it is included in the box with a new XP CD.
  2. Where did you purchase it from?
  3. Hi, thank you for the reply(s),
    The pc is a HP and the windows is an OEM copy which I guess explains everything! I never realised that windows can be tied to the hardware, how annoying!

    Thanks for the help.
  4. You're welcome.
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