8gb RAM friendly motherboard

Good Afternoon Guys,

I require some advise, Im in the process of building a new machine

It will have the following

1 x 250gb hdd, 2 x500gb hdd
pci usb hub, pci wifi
xfx geforce 9500gt 1gb graphics
8 gb RAM.
Q8400 2.66ghz Quad core proc

Ive so far had 2 boards and 3 types of RAM, none of which I can get to work with 8gb RAM.

Currently I have an ASUs P5Q SE2 mobo, and from their QVL 4 x 2gb Kingston RAM (which only works if I use 1 module)

Im slowly starting to pull my hair out, can anyone advise how to get the 4 modules to work, or recommend a compatible mobo and ram combo.

Ill ask about OC part of it once I can get something that works

Yours hopefully

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  1. you mother board technical specifications shows that it supports upto 16 GB of RAM


    so the problem is with you RAM sticks.. all of four are same model ??

    give some details about your RAM sticks
  2. Hi Manojgj,

    thanks for the quick reply... I chose the board since it had room for more upgrades later, Im using 4x kingston KVR800d2n5/2g, which is on the QVL
  3. ....... I think Ive sorted it.... I have increase the FSB from 333 to 400, all 4 dimms appear to be working now..... so simple :pt1cable:
  4. cheers :bounce: :bounce:
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