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I asked this question earlier but I am in the market for picking up a new cpu cooler for my computer. The processor is going to be upgraded eventually so I'm looking for a lasting cooler that I can use for OC'ing in the future.

gb 990fx ud3 mobo
Tempest 210 case (5 fans. 2 top exhaust. 1 rear Ex. 2 front intake)
Athlon x4 645

I have around $60 dollar budget and am deciding between the antec 620 kit

or Spire eclipse II

I had originally bought a Corsair A70 and it ended up being a disaster as it did not clear my case at all and was MM's off (possibly a 1/4 inch) being 159.5mm so I ended up returning it.

After looking at reviews on the coolers I'm leaning towards the Spire cooler but am concerned that 152mm might not be that much of a difference from the A70 159.5mm and won't fit in my case.

The antec kit is appealing since I would end up slightly less and I do not need to worry about clearance for my case.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks

Oh and davcon I thank you earlier for your help.
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    The Spire will fit i'm positive.
    Your case is 7.68" wide.
    Your case must have alot of space for cable management behind the mobo.
    Which would explain why 160mm tall coolers don't fit.
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