Can rip but can\'t burn; cd not detected

I'm trying to burn a CD. I can copy (rip) songs from the original, but when I put a blank CD in to burn, the program says there's nothing in the tray. But there is! This has happened with two different programs (Windows Media Player and Ashampoo). I don't know what to do.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Here's a link to the Microsoft KB article on how to remove the two Registry issues that affect the Upper and Lower Filters settings.

    I would add that before making these or any Registry changes, choose Export from the File menu then note the name and location of the backup you're creating. This is just in case anything goes wrong and it amazed me to find Microsoft don't include this crucial tip in their KB.

    This fix doesn't always cure the problem so please post back if you still have difficulties.

  2. Did you try a different blank CD? Does it work from the regular burner software to burn regular files?

    Drive can be bad if it does not burn anything to disk.
  3. i have the same says something like wrong codecs but its al perfect
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