Tv as monitor = hell

so heres a picture of max res i can use,

and heres my friends

he think his is Sharp Aquos LC32PX5, and mines Samsung LN32B360.

his gpu is gtx 285, mine 9600gt, his os is windows 7 ultimate, mines vista home, he used vga cord, i use dvi to hdmi.

so my question is, can i get same res as him "1600x1200" by switching to vga, or to windows 7? or is it his gpu/tv that allows it? both of our tv's are 720p 32"'s. my monitor res is at 1920x1200. thanks

also computer is really slow when using tv hooked to pc i guess that expected? but when i start up, i have tv as 2nd monitor but when windows load everything loads from tv, but when it gets done task bar and everything is on monitor is there a fix for that? is there a better way to disable the tv when im not using? if i select "dont extend to this monitor" it disables but pc is still very slow, id like to just enable when watching movies, and some restarts monitor and tv switch places and i have to manually fix back.
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  1. I recommend getting a 1080P LCD HDTV if you prefer to use HDTV as computer monitor.
  2. 1. 720p means native (max) resolution of 1280 x 720 which is why you do not get 1600 x 1200 option.

    2. Unless you are using native resolution text will always look a little blurry. It is a limitation of all LCD monitors.

    3. With regards to lag, set the monitor to "Game Mode" if it is an option. If not set the HDTV to operate at 60Hz. Any higher and you will experience some input lag because keeping a HDTV at 120Hz or 240Hz means it will insert interpolated frames to make motion to appear smoother.

    Creating interpolated frames takes time, thus leads to input lag. The higher the refresh rate the more interpolated frames must be created which leads to increased input lag.
  3. i edited my original post, i got text clear, i was selecting a res from "hd, sd" now selected one from "pc". the tv doesnt lag, just the computer takes forever to turn on, and freezes alot, but nothing on the tv movies etc ever lag or freeze.
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