Is motherboard manufacturing quality declining?

I've been building computers for 7 or 8 years now. Been around them for 15+ years. Been reading Toms for a long time, just never registered.

The past 2 out of the 4 motherboards I have bought have been DOA (2x ASUS 2 years ago). Prior to those, the previous 5-6 years I had never gotten a bad motherboard from Epox, ASUS, or MSI. Or hell, never received a bad computer part of ANYTHING. But now, its getting pretty ridiculous. My i7 860 build yesterday is on hold because the MSI P55-GD65 refused to post - despite trying different sticks of RAM, power supplies, and re-seating the processor. Now it may be 3 out of the past 5 motherboards came DOA.

I'm curious if this is just me getting very unlucky or a trend?

I also suspect Newegg might be sending out "used" motherboards labeled as new, unless wrinkled manuals and missing parts is just part of the manufacturing decline.
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  1. Today manufactures are trying to give more for less...and that can hurt the quality. But i think you are just having bad luck.
  2. One out of ten motherboards is faulty when supplied new, so I guess that you are unlucky. The quality of capacitors has improved over the years, but the quality of the soldering has gone down due to the use of lead free solder.
  3. I'm curious...1 out of 10...where are you getting that number from?
  4. I got this figure of one in ten new motherboards are faulty from an article I read in PCW magazine a few years ago, unfortunately I no longer have the magazine.
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