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I5 2500k

hi i recently upgraded my desktop to i5 2500k, now every forum i visited says that 2500k is meant for overclocking right now im satisfied with stock speed performance when it comes to gaming, desktop publishing etc. did i make a fool of myself when i bought a 2500k cpu just to use it on stock speed? do i really need to overclock this cpu to get my moneys worth? i decided to bought this processor because the price difference from i5 2500 to i5 2500k is minimal.

how about you guys if you own a i5 2500k are you going to overclock?

my system

i5 2500k
deepcool ice edge 300 (30c idle - 57c load temp ambient around 29-30c - country: The Philippines)
asrock z68 pro3 gen3
2x 1tb HDD
HD 6950 2gb
1980p resolution
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    its still a great cpu without overclocking

    but with a good cooler most will do in the 4.5ghz range

    so its a lot of extra performance for free if you oc it
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