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I currently have a gtx 590 and the card runs extremely hot even in my haf 932 blue edition. I currently am looking at the xspc 750 rs360 liquid cooling kit and their gtx razor 590 water block. Will a kit of this kind of value be enough to cool my i5 2500k and my 590 with sufficient temps?

specs :
asus p8z68
haf 932 blue edition
evga gtx 590
gskills sniper ddr3 2133 mhz 16gb
nzxt 1000w psu
2 wd black edition 64 mb cache drives in raid 0
1 pos 1 tb hdd

Sorry guys im kind of new to liquid cooling and need some expert advice =D
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  1. Can a triple rad fit in a 932? I never knew that. But anyways, no, the 590 is way to hot of a card to cool with a a rad that's already cooling a CPU. I would get a good air cooler for the CPU (CM Evo or the D14) and dedicate the triple rad to the 590.
  2. Jesus, its that hot eh? are there any modifications i can do to help cool both? possibly invest in a another rad for the cpu? i can fit 2 dual rads on the window side of my case but that would be the rest of my headroom for cooling right there.
  3. It just seems like a waste investing a few hundred bux on a cooling kit when i would have to dedicate it only to a single card and not the cpu.
  4. The 590 is a dual GPU card so it's going to generate a LOT of heat. The stock fans cool enough for the card to run but it's annoyingly loud ain't it?

    The rule of thumb : 120x1 = 150w

    120x1 = 150
    120x2 = 300
    120x3 = 450

    If you're OCing, make a little headroom, 15 to 20%
  5. Here is a great article of water cooling.

    You could cool everything with a decent 360 rad but your DT will be higher and you would have to opt for a louder, faster fan to cool the rad sufficiently.
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  7. I have a rundown of delta-T in the Tom's WC sticky as well, including how to determine how many radiators you'll need based on total heat output @ 100% load; including CPU OC.

    That delta guide was written by Conumdrum- he used to frequent Tom's, but usually hangs over at XS forums now. He started getting very impatient with new people asking questions and not reading stickies. :)
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