8800GT Incredibly HOT!

Asus P5N-E SLI mobo
Intel Q6600 Quad Core Processor
4X1GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 RAM
Nvidia 8800GT (EVGA)
630W PSU
570 GB HDD (2X Western Digital, 250, 320)

So, I've been having a ton of problems with my machine lately. Starting with my RAM incident solved here, a crashed Hard Drive, and now an overheating video card.

So This past week, I've been noticing that my computer seems to crash and restart at random intervals. No viruses or anything, but today I booted up some Painkiller, and the game crashed about a minute into the intro. I decided to run OCCT to see what was up. Turns out the card is FREAKING HOT at about 75+*C idle, and 92*C on a full load. Dangerously high levels, obviously.

I want to know if this could have been caused by my fallen RAM (see link above) shorting out something on the card. The good news is, I was planning on getting a 260 this month anyway, but I still want to know. Or are all of these symptoms caused by something underlying I'm not seeing?

Thanks! :D
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  1. Thats probably caused by a loose heatsink. If you take it off, reapply some thermal grease, and put it back on you should get it back down to normal temps. What 630 watt PSU do you have? If the ripple is going out of spec it can shorten the life of the components, this is only really likely on an older PSU from a cheap brand though.
  2. It's a Raidmax Volcano. Got it in 2007. It wasn't dirt cheap, but rather cheap. I think I paid $60 it, with rebates. I honestly did very little research into the power supply, it was kind of an impulse purchase.
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