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Hello, I was hoping that someone could help me out with a little problem that I'm having.

I'm starting to build a new system. This will be my first one so I'm not an expert but I try to do my research to figure out what's new out there. The computer I have now is about 4 or 5 years old. It's a P4 3.4ghz runs pretty good for the internet and basic stuff like that but I like to play games as well and for that it's not so good. Originally I was just going to upgrade but then thought I would try to build one and then I could give this one to someone else. Anyway, this is what I have so far...

Cooler master haf 922
Cooler master 850w modular power supply
Creative sound blaster fatality titanium championship series
WD 1TB Hard drive (will probably add a second once it's done)
LG DVD (will probably add a blue ray one it's done)

my problem is that I don't know if I should go with the i7860 or the i7920. I like to play games although I'm not a hard core gamer, so I probably will just run a single GPU. At the very most I might run two but it wouldn't be for a while (I'm looking at the ATI 5850). I don't know much about overclocking although I might look into it more once this thing is done. Any advice would be great.

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  1. i like the i7 920, if its in your budget. Its very Overclockable. I was able to get my friends up to nearly 4 Ghz on air.
    The ATI 5850 is a good card.
    I was always a Nvidia fan, and would rather wait and see if their cards trump ATIs or just push their price down. I know their cards wont be out for a while, but if your willing to wait, since Mass Effect 2 won't come out till the end of the month anyway.
  2. fermi is 3 months away, so i wouldn't suggest waiting. unless of course you can live with your current system til then.

    id recomend the 860 over the 920 every time. the on die PCIe and DDR controllers of LGA1156 platfrom CPUs gives them an edge in gaming. LGA1366 was designed and adapted form a server platform, so they are great at instrcution heavy tasks, but the lose out (only slightly) at gaming.

    given the dozens or so new chips already announced for the platform, i imagine it will also have greater upgrade scope.

    850w is a bit overkill on the PSU. i also dislike coolermaster, i owuld highly reocmend going corsair as they are very reliable and well priced. a tx750 would be plenty even for a dual gpu setup.
    a good PSU is key, i bought a coolermaster when i built this rig. it failed under load and i replaced it with a corsair. i would advise you go with another brand.

    other than that it looks good though.

    the 4850 is a brilliant card, and the HAF is an excellent case.
  3. Agree with welshmouse. CoolerMaster builds some nice cases, but their PSU's are not so good. My favorite phrase for this is "excessively mediocre".
  4. BFG is my favorite PSU maker
  5. Thanks for the advice. I thought that the 850 might be a bit of overkill but it was on sale, so I got it for a good price. I read some reviews about it and seems to do well. That's really all I had to go on.

    The mobo that I'm looking at is the ASUS Maximus 3 formula. It's a bit expensive, about the same as the 1366 boards but it seems to have lots of upgrade options. I also like it because it has lots of fan headers, and the board I have now is an ASUS and has never givin me a problem. The case I have has 2 X 200mm intake fans 1 X 200mm exhaust 1 X 120mm exhaust and a cpu fan. I'm sure I can just us the psu connectors but it's good to have the options.

    One thing that I'm also not sure of, and cant find any answeres is about upgrading the cpu. Can you put any cpu into a mobo that has the same socket? Example - i'm currently using an ASUS P5gd2-x it's a socket 775, the cpu is a p4 3.4ghz with HT. Not that I want to, but can I put a new cpu like a dual or quad core that uses the 775 socket? It might be a dumb question. The mobo doesn't say, but that's probably because the dual and quad cores weren't out when the board was made.

  6. well i don't think they make 775 socket cpus anymore.

    In short... the answer to your socket question is sort of.
    Any processor will fit if it has the same socket, but you might need to do a BIOS update to make sure the motherboard recognizes it correctly. Check your mobo manufacturers website and it should have a list of supported CPUs and the BIOS version they need.
    my old (Socket AM2) mobo has like, 6 BIOS updates for various lines of processors that AMD had released since the board was manufactured
  7. pretty much what agres said. pretty much any socket 775 processor should work in any MOBO with that socket. provding the MOBO supports the coltage and FSG of saif processor. but intel like creating lots of scokets, and limiting peoples upgrade options. so unlike AMD cpu's, they are not backward compatible. you cannot put a LGA775 CPU into an LGA1156 mobo.

    and LOL @ JSC "excessively mediocre", thats so spot on. it made me lol in RL
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