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hello there. i got new motherboard Intel DG31PR and i reinstalled hardwares from my old computer. it's works but very slow. please help me what i have to change to make my computer faster. This is what i have: motherboard - Intel DG31PR; processor - Pentium(R)4 2.8Ghz; 2Gb of RAM DDR2; OS - Windows XP; video card - Radeon X1600/1650 series. thanks
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  1. Your problem is likely related to using your old hard drive. You can't just move a hard drive from one motherboard to another and have it work well without re-installing the OS. The old installation has drivers and registry settings from your old hard drive. You're not going to get amazing performance out of a P4, but it will perform the best that it can if you do a fresh OS install.
  2. yes , i did, i reinstalled the Windows XP even 2 time. so now i don't know exacly what the problem? my video card(radeon x1600), my processor(P4) or RAM 2Gb DDR2. thanks
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