Cheap PSU for i5 and SLI system?

Hey guys! I've spec'ed out my new system as follows:

Intel Core i5-750
4 GB DDR3 PC1600 RAM
SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ 1TB 7200 RPM hard drive

And, one of the following combo's in SLI mode, dependent upon my money:

2x GIGABYTE GV-N26OC-896I GeForce GTX 260 896MB


2x ASUS ENGTS250 DK/DI/1G GeForce GTS 250 1GB 256-bit GDDR3

All being put inside a Lian-li Lancool PC-K62.

So, even though I've built many systems before, I never put as much thought into the psu. My only requirement is that it be as cheap as possible (with being reliable) and that it be modular. At or under $100. I'd really love to go as absolutely cheap as possible, as I've expended all my budget on the other parts.

Suggestions? Anyone had positive experience with OCZ/Enermax/Raidmax? I normally only buy Antec psu's, but most of their stuff for an SLI capable psu are just too damn expensive. I figure I just need a 600-750 watt psu.

Thoughts? Thanks!!
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  1. I'm quite fond of my OCZ modxstream 600W. It also comes at 700W if you want. Reliable brand and often cheaper. In my experience, they tend to have a lot of mail in rebate offers. My only complaint is that it could be more modular. The mainboard power connectors and one other useless (to me) connector is permanently there. Both come with two PCI-e connectors. one 6 pin and one 6+2 pin. Fan's nice and quiet too.
  2. trust me when i say, you do NOT want to skimp on a PSU.

    get a good, reliabler brand.

    the corsair TX750 shoudl run your system well, and its one of the best. or the hx750 if you want modular.
  3. The upper tier OCZ power supplies are not to bad and Enermax has a long history of making good PSU's. I am sort of in your boat, doing a rebuild of my system and opted to get a new power supply. A PSU One thing you do not want to go cheap on though.

    For $100 there are several good choices, I suggest the Corsair 750TX or the Seasonic S12D 750W, both are $99 right now at newegg, or their 650W variants are only $79. Cannot go wrong with either brand. I myself think I may get the Antec TruePower New TP-750 which has gotten great review and is partially modular and is about $100 right now as well.
  4. I second most of the comments above. Ain't no such thing as a "cheap SLI PSU". There's "inexpensive" and the way to do that is shop for good brands on sale.
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