Marvell 9128 AND ICH10R RAID simultaneously?

I was planning on getting this:

Because I have an ASUS p6T (regular version), and I don't have any SATA III ports. I'm looking to buy 2x 120GB OCZ SSD's that are SATA III compatible and put them on that RR card. What i'm not sure of, is would I be able to have a RAID array on my ICH10R simultaneously as having a RAID 0 array on the Marvell 9128 RR card?

Currently I have a RAID 0 setup already going on but I wanted to keep that all on my ICH10R.

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  1. According to reviews, that RAID controller is not faster than the ICH10R. Are you running out of ports on the ICH10R to create a RAID 0?
  2. I think most of the reviewers don't know whats happening.

    I trust this more so;

    Full tests and benchmarks.

    But the main reason why I'm getting this is because it's SATA III controller. While my ASUS P6T has only sata II.

    But anyways, would I be able to have two separate RAID arrays on both the RAID controllers simultaneously?
  3. The answer to the most basic question is "Yes." Each controller can have a RAID array, or more than one, if all of the drives in the array are on that controller.

    But there is a more important question here, "Why?" Buy a 240 GB SSD, or the nearest size in that same line. Tom's has consistently stated that larger drives in the same line run faster, probably because they use more channels. Let the manufacturer do the work.
  4. They do run faster non-raided, and i've read that, but it's cheaper to RAID 0 2x 120GB SSD's right now than to purchase a 240.

    I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding you, but 2x120GB SSD's in RAID 0 run slower than it's 240GB component?..
  5. hwing91 said:

    I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding you, but 2x120GB SSD's in RAID 0 run slower than it's 240GB component?..

    Let me say that the general opinion is that there is no advantage to RAIDing two smaller ones, and there is additional risk.
  6. For random read/writes correct? I did a bit of research and thats what i came to conclude at.

    I still feel there's a benefit to, and maybe it'd be worth the chance of data loss. But I'm not sure if i'm going to be raiding two SSd's anymore, more so because of the price if I wanted to.

    Thank you though, for your very helpful input. Made me research harder.
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