How to determine if my HDD has died?

I just built a new system two days ago using a Vertex 3 SSD as my C: drive with Windows 7 installed on it and a Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 2TB as my storage drive. Everything was great for 2 days: windows 7 started flawlessly, I installed MS office and other programs on the D: drive. The only thing I noticed was that there was an occassional click from the HDD. This morning I updated the driver for the JMB controller but then Windows hung when I reboot the system at the start up screen. I was able to restore Windows to a previous restore point but now I can't access my D: drive and chkdsk doesn't reveal any problems saying the there is no problem with the file system of D:. I can see the disk icon and label but there isn't the bar displaying the disk volume. Also none of the shortcuts to programs on the D: drive are present on my desktop. Is it possible for a HDD to die after two days of operation? And, were those occassional clicks "click(s) of death"?
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    Clicking sound from HDD, it mean the drive is going to die. Backup your data if still possible to get access of your hdd.
  2. You can download the hitachi fitness test.
  3. Thanks for your responses. Unfortunately, it died and I couldn't backup my data. I did download the hitachi fitness test but I didn't run it. I was able to RMA the drive and its replacement has been silently running for the past week. I was foolishly thinking that these larger drives made the same amount of noise as the older IDE drives from the earlier 90s, but the replacement drive is very quiet.
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