Sata hard drivenot detected by motherboard

I have an ASUS M4A785-M motherboard and WD 1TB Black Hard Drive. This is a new system. The Bios is not picking up the Hard Drive. It is picking up the SATA DVD. It does the same no matter what SATA slot I placeit in. I have already taken back a hard drive that was doing the same thing. Is there something I am missing?
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  1. Sirs this has been solved. It has been a fews years since I bulit a computer that I forgot to change the voltage on the new power supply once I flipped it 115v. It found the HD now I just hope nothing is cooked. Also a note by doing this it caused motherboard to kick on its anti surge protection. I had to disable this in the Bios before I could proceed. Hope this helps others. Thanks
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