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I have the Asus p7p55d pro mobo, and 2 sata hd's, one for storage, one for OS, and a sata dvd+/_r. Any suggestions on the best way and what sata slots to put each in? For instance, which sata slot should I put primary hd in, storage hd, dvd? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    The order that you connect the components in the mobo don't affect the performance because SATA use a unique cord for every device, big difference with PATA that use the same cord for two devices.
  2. As said, it doesn't really matter which sata slots you plug the drives in, they'd all work the same... But if you're someone like myself, you might want to have your drives arranged in an orderly fashion... Grab your manual and locate the first sata slot (usually labelled sata 1)... Install or hook that up to your primary harddrive... If you have a second harddrive connect it to the second sata (usually labelled sata 2)... After installing all your harddrives, you can begin installing your dvd drive in any other slot, but preferably the slot labelled sata 3... Good luck mate...
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