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I’m Jake from the Philippines. I wrote to you for some help. I both a new pc with amd athlon ii x4 620 processor, msi 740gtm-p25 motherboard, ati radeon hd 3600 and 2pcs 1gb ddr2 ram. The thing is that when im watching YouTube videos and play it in full screen, the video stops but you could still hear the sound of the video playing. When I open task manager, I see the first core is in peek values and the other three cores are in low values. Isn’t it that they have to share processes? I haven’t tried installing a game yet to see if this problem all so will arise. What should i do? Please help me with these. Thank you in advance. Jake
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  1. They share processes only when an application is multi thread enabled...

    Like Older games will use only 1 thread even if you have 4 threads.
  2. I have a similar thing happen some times when watching videos online, it seems to be due to internet lag/poor internet connection. Only happens to me when several things are hogging internet bandwidth from my modem.
  3. I take it you're using windows. Could be a driver problem. Update your flash player as the latest version can fix some issues. Also update your drivers ad the latest flash player will try to hardware accelerate flash video and it doesn't work too good with older drivers.
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