HTPC - First time build! €1000 to spend. Need lots of advice.

This will be my first time building a HTPC. I'm a total noob when it comes to it. I haven't followed technology since I built my gaming rig 3 years ago so I don't know what's out there. I've read a few threads though and I kinda know what I want.

I wanna build a quiet HTPC which I will also use for some gaming. I'm mostly gonna use it for watching 720/1080 mkv movies/tv shows. I would also like to record TV shows and stuff. I live in Cyprus (Europe for those who don't know) and I don't have HDTV broadcasting yet. One of the local stations will start testing it come next year though so I might wanna look into that. I also plan to get a good sound system for it once I built it. I don't know whether I need a special soundcard or something for that.

I would also like to have some expandability - I think I'll need a full ATX case for it. One thing about the case is that I'm gonna lay it on its side so I'm looking for a case which will let me install a dvd drive sideways so it looks like a "normal" dvd player. Aesthetics is kinda important but not crucial.

I'm willing to spend close to 1000 euros although I'm quite flexible on that. I plan to build within 4-6 weeks.
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  1. What you're really asking for is a gaming PC that can do some HTPC stuff, like the TV tuner card and remote control as well.
    Quiet and gaming don't usually go together often.
    And it will be the gaming requirements (CPU/GPU/PSU/case) that drive the cost.

    You'll be using your 1920x1080 resolution as your gaming monitor?
    Is this the type of case you're looking for? SilverStone Lascala LC10 It's HTPC looking, but can fit full size gaming parts.
  2. I'll game at 1920x1080 on my TV. I don't think I'll play games much though, this is mostly for tv shows and movies.
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