Intel 32nm Core i5 661 Westmere CPU+GPU performance numbers

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  1. Not that bad. Better than I expected. Possibly Intel will have a decent IGP for once. Not great but decent.
  2. Quote:
    Look 3 threads down. Notice the thread that states "Official Core I3/I5" thread?

    By what authority was it deemed "Official"?
  3. Quote:
    God's. :lol:

    It wasn't deemed "Official" but made so there wasn't 9000 threads with benchmarks posted.

    But you failed to use the term 'doomed' so it's likely going nowhere. ;)
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    "Slips a Fifty into mouse's pocket" :D

    Bribery on an Intel thread?, that's going to go down well! :ange:
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    "Slips a Fifty into mouse's pocket" :D

    * hey pyshco, i think your going to need to slip in $1.25B. :lol: *
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