Upgrading Graphics card & PSU together

I am planning on buying from newegg/ tigerdirect on Black Friday if and only if I somehow have enough money from birthday presents.

System Specs:

OS - Windows Vista 32-bit
Motherboard - ASUS M2N SLI
Processor - AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ 2.7GHz
RAM - 3326MB RAM
PSU - 420W (LC-A420ATX) Bad quality brand...
GPU - Nvidia 8400 GS

I'm thinking of a Radeon 5750 to be future-proofed for DX11 and then a decent PSU with it. My motherboard doesn't support crossfire I think but I don't really need to upgrade to 2 GPUs anytime soon, I have a 19" monitor anyway so I play at lower res like 1280 X 10XX.

Also, I'm planning on getting a more up-to-date desktop in the future and then moving the PSU and GPU to it. Any suggestions on the best PSU? Is the 5750 worth the performance or does anyone have any details I should know regarding any compatibility issues etc etc?
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  1. For your needs, any of these PSUs - Though you wont need 500/550W currently but as you want to port the PSUs to the new build, I feel these are better...

    And the upgrade to the HD 5750 is a very good upgrade to that 8400...though your CPU might be little slow, but for your resolution, it wont matter much...
  2. Thanks for the help, if PSUs or GPUs go on sale during Black Friday how cheap do they get?
  3. ^ Well you can never say...Just browse the internet forums and sites...they would post if there are any unbeatable offers...
  4. nuclearterror said:
    Thanks for the help, if PSUs or GPUs go on sale during Black Friday how cheap do they get?

    Just remember that 'cheaper' isn't always better when shopping for a PSU. I found out ther hard way and bought a cheap (Rosewill)550w PSU and then edumakated myself later on what I was really getting w/my 550 'watts of power.' I ended up buying another ( :pt1cable: ) 550w PSU (Corsair) that actually is capable of delivering what I needed it for (powering a 4890). So, before you buy any PSU make sure and look hard what you're really getting so you don't make the same mistake I did! :)
  5. I hear that brands like Antec/ Corsair are the best but anyway, here's a question about compatibility for the 5750 and my acer 19" monitor. I have only VGA and DVI plugs on my monitor but the 5750 doesn't have any VGA (blue cord) and only DVI (white cord). The problem is that when I try to connect using the DVI (white cord) plug it doesn't work; only the VGA cord works. And the 5750 has dual DVI....

    Another thing, how do I tell if it could fit in my case since it takes up the adjacent expansion slot also?

    Any new PSU that I buy will have enough power connectors right? (Any of those 4 PSUs that gkay09 linked ^)
  6. I just found out there are DVI to VGA adapters maybe I could use those. BTW I didn't test the DVI on the 5750, I tried it on my current card 8400 GS
  7. EDIT: Dint refresh...
    ^ If the DVI doesnt work, try a VGA adaptor...
    And if the graphics card has dual-slot design, then it is sure to block the adjacent slot...
    And the PSUs that I have linked have the required power connectors...
  8. Nuclear, yes, the 5750 is a great choice. If you don't mind spending 30 more dollars even, go for a 5770. Only a suggestion. But Umm... PSU wise, Rosewill is kinda scary. I heard alotta stories bout rosewill being good. But also destroying your system when it doesnt work. Since. Some of the times there PSUs blow up. I kinda like the Cooler Master PSUs and Antecs personally because there reliable and they are cheaper than corsair ones. Are you planning to cable manage or at least get better airflow? And whats your range for the PSU price wise of course.
  9. The 5770 is close to the 5750 price so I'll take that instead. I'm planning on paying $200- 240 for GPU + PSU and also the shipping and taxes. www.tigerdirect.com doesn't charge me taxes or shipping for most items so that would cut costs if it has the same items. I've never replaced a PSU before, is it easy to organize the cables for better airflow?
  10. Ummm, yes and not. Even if you don't organize it, the Airflow will improve if you use a modular PSU because you don't have the clutter of cables you don't need. Since only the ones you for sure need are connected.

    Like this one:
    (Don't count on warranty for this one below but there still good PSUs)
  11. I get confused when I look at the wiring in through the window in my case. Can you list what I need to connect to and which connector I use? (pins or whatever) Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions

    EDIT: I just tried this adapter on my 8400 GS but I get no signal on my monitor. It's going from DVI > DVI-A - VGA > VGA

    Maybe I need DVA-I or DVA-D? I don't really know...
  12. Still trying to fix this last problem
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