Bought a new setup with a i7-980x.... no post or display -_-

Asus P6TD Deluxe
Intel i7 980x
750w Corsair PSU
12 Gb OCZ 1600mhz Ram
Noctua Heatsink
Obsidian 800D

Temporary GTS 250 (my 5970 has been backordered ;_;)

* Anyhow, I`ve put only 3 DIMM in A1 B1 C1 (oj slots)
* I`ve properly connected 8pins and 24pins...
* I only have my SSD connected in SATA1
* All fans are running...
* All jumpers are at default
* PCI-E 6pin is properly connected on the GTS 250
* GTS 250 is in PCIx16 slot..

Everything powers on properly, but no sound nor display >_<
any idea where it could have went wrong? :(
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  1. That mobo support your CPU with the BIOS 0501, so, Do you have that BIOS version?

    Download BIOS
  2. I have no idea how I can possibly flash bios with no display though? @_@ nor find out what bios version I have without being able to see anything >_<. But I'd guess it is old version since BIOS update has released like 15 days ago... (NCIX probably still sending boards that are in stock)
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    Maybe this can help you, is possible update the BIOS from the boot.
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  5. Looks like a great guide, thanks saint ^^
  6. Any time, that's why we are here.
  7. gafgaarion said:
    Best answer selected by gafgaarion.

    nI have the same issue here. I've read the guide posted, but can't see the solution. Would you mind telling me how you fixed your rig?
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