PSU wattage safety question

i have to ask is it safe to run pc with 550W PSU when i counted the total power consumption to be 320W ?
i dont quite understand these wattage requirements and even the PSU has greater W i just have to ask to make sure it wont blow up in some point?

thank you

(hope this came to right forum)
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  1. The quality of the PSU comes into play here, what brand is it?
  2. I should run it, but build is right we need to know what brand it is - if it's PC Power and Cooling, Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, OCZ, or one of a couple other brands you should be fine, but if it's a cheapo generic one, it might be iffy (maybe not enough to blow up, but still not the best idea).
  3. hey thanks
  4. thats not a good psu
  5. how come obsidian86 ? are the specs not good or bad rebutation ?
  6. bad rep
  7. heh, its HEC Compucase, so not generic. I just wouldn't call them a well trusted company.

    Ok i read an older review of the Win550UB model, it performed on par with an S12 from Seasonic. It's efficiency was rated @ 73%. Review is from 06.
  8. electricity isnt pushed by the power supply

    is drawn by the device using it

    your pc uses 320 watt so thats how much the psu is delivering . The wattage limit for a psu is the point it cant deliver stable voltages or it gets too hot because its over loaded .
    Your machine is fine , but as pointed out you dont have a premium brand psu . Since you arent drawing near the limit , and your pc is stable DONT WORRY ABOUT IT TOO MUCH
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