Will I be able to crossfire this card?

I am thinking about buying this HIS 4650 video card


I have the asus p7p55d with i5. I have 2 question, first the mobo used 16x/4x and will this stop me from crossfire two 4650? Also, seeing from the picture, it does not show a crossfire bridge connection on the card, does that mean that this card is not capable of crossfire?
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  1. it is crossfire capable, however, crossfiring two of those would not provide a significant performance boost. What will you be using this system for? If gaming what resolution? A single higher end card will provide significantly better performance than 2 4650's especially at higher resolutions.
  2. 1680 x 1050. The main games I want to play is re5. I have not seen any good deal on the 4850 and the new 5750. My price point is around 100. I was thinking maybe I get a very cheap card(30-40) now and crossfire that later .
  3. A card like this will provide over 2.5x the frame rates in RE5
    Which scales almost perfectly considering it is about 2.5x the price, and it is at your price point exactly.
  4. Nice suggestion, however, if I am getting a 4850 now, should I wait for the 5750 512 mb version ?( which is rumor to be 109 price)
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