No display when power on P6T WS PRO

The power LED on the motherboard work well. Power switch button turn on but fan could not work or other thing hard drive, DVD ROM, video card, and power supply 750 watts. New CPU i7 920 2.66GHZ overclock 4.4GHZ, and 6 GB Kingston. I need help. The power supply is work well and motherboard power LED green light work well but fan could not works all brand new heatsink dual fan. How?
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    Hello saltuddy1961, welcome to tomshardware... If i'm not mistaken, your system won't start because of the high overclock... That's if you didn't just overclock it to that speed... Most i7 920s are not so stable at that speed on air... You need to reset the cmos and start from scratch and not go too high... I suggest not going pass 3.4 ghz core clock and 4.2 on blc... Good luck...
  2. hello chefboyeb,
    I brought all from eBay.

    The cpu from eBay:

    Memory from eBay:

    Motherboard from eBay:

    Power supply from eBay:

    And computer case from eBay:

    Maybe your right about high overclock, I will try reset the cmos and what is from scratch and not go too high, can you explain this?

    Thank you for your time.
  3. Scratch=default
  4. I tried to reset the cmos and no power on fan etc...but power LED green light shinning work well that's strange. There have cpu/dram bus/qpi dram overvoltage setting. And have G.P. Diagnosis card. No luck at all I spent two days still not works but power LED on work well that's strange. I don't understand why that motherboard should be work and maybe cpu overclock because too high? I brought and put all new hardware then turn on power but nothing happen so help me how. Should I check CPU if there pin bend but I put like very careful and feel no force like a perfect fits then put new heatsink name is Noctua NH-D14 Ultra Silent CPU Cooler. Should I check cpu one more time?
    Thank you for your help
  5. I believe that motherboard is dead so I am going to send for RMA to replace one. Motherboard didn't work at all, I take a test on motherboard there no power fan or other like power supply nothing work but test on the power supply it's works. I guess that I brought from eBay they did damaged before he sold to anyone. I request for ASUS company, they say I could get replace one thank's God! I will have to wait for replace then use my new computer wahhh! Can't wait........Thanks for tried to help me. I will let you know when my computer ready.
    saltuddy 1961
  6. you're welcome
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