Corsair tx 650 W pcie connector doubt

Hi there
Im planning on buying a Corsaitr TX 650W for my GPU( i know thats more than enough i want to crossfire my card later) and as i sawy in a review this PSU haas 6+2 pins pcie-e connectors... Does that mean that the other 2 pins are detachable? like in the main atx 20+4 conector? If so can i connect one of these to my card leave the 2 pins aside? Does the Corsair TXEU 650W version of this PSU has the same conectors?What´s the difference between the two of them?
Greets John
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  1. Yes
    The power cord
  2. Yes to the TXEU has the same connectors too?
  3. yes just a different external power cord due to the different plugs and voltages.
    and yes, delluser1 you do need a name change. LOL
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