hello i have a ECS A740gm-m motherboard. just coming to the end of building it and can figure out what pins to put the, power LED, HDD LED, power SW, and speaker front panel leads. if some one can please help me out it would be much appreiciated. thanks lmk
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More about need please
  1. Check in the MB manual under 'front panel connectors' or similar. Should have a diagram laying the connectors out for you.
  2. It's on pag 18 of the manual... I just checked it out myself... Remember, the positive ends are colored and the white ends are considered negative... Goodluck
  3. i dont have the manual for motherboard. and the site to where motherboard manual suposed to be is in like some wierd writting. if some one can please help would be great thanks
  4. chefboyeb, where youl looking on the manual online? i cant seem to get it in english. do you think you can copy and paste page 18, and post it here or send to my email. thanks a bunch.
  5. thanks, well i opened and downloaded, this is what the writing looks like looH1cÒuÛ“ü|ää˲ºãÐï‹`µ |Ñ~ŽÏ^¨ÓØ¿s§Le©™§ÀJñóyÐÇéV{†Àks

    is showing yours in english? think can just copy and paste me page 18,or help me get in english. i will evan send 5 bucks paypal. thanks again for your help.

    I saved it for you.
  7. Thanks for the offer but please keep your 5 bucks. We're just glad to help.
  8. thanks a bunch. this site is awsome. im goning to go try this out hopfully it works, will let know the results thanks again
  9. Did he say 5 bucks paypal? Lmbo! Hahaaha!
  10. But I will take Best Answer Award if you don't mind selecting me.
  11. ok thanks that worked powers up shuts down all front side works. but now it wont show anything on monitor?? any sugestions
  12. You probably loosed the videocard reaching in and out of the area. Reseat the videocard and monitor connectors.
  13. i cleaned and reseated the video card and ram. it throws no beep codes, but souds to be booing up fine. mabey video card went bad??? the fan still spins on video card. any sugestions?? lmk thanks
  14. Check the BIOS to make sure you have the PCI-E videocard as primary display. If it still doesn't work, check power connectors to the videocard. If still doesn't work, take out the videocard. Use the motherboard onboard graphics. Test the videocard in a different system. What is the videocard BTW?
  15. its a PNY technology 256mb pci-e, how to get to bios if cant get screen to turn on.

    i dont thing the onboard graphics works anymore because its week on the back I/O panel so when try to plug in it bends backa little think some one pushed to hard. do you think the MB is shot?? will still boot if MB or CPU is shot?? lmk thanks
  16. If mobo or CPU is "shot" probably will not boot. Try on the CPU, take out videocard and RAM, if it beeps (check speaker) then the motherboard is trying to POST (a good thing).

    You can plug in the VGA into the motherboard. Just put your finger behind the port for support.
  17. ok i will give that a try, i need to hook up the speaker first i guess. did show in the manual where the spreaker goes?(what pins to put on). i hate this motherboard without a manual. thanks for all your help so far, your awsome.
  18. Well here is a way to tell if it is working or not,
    when the computer turns on right before the post that you can't see the mouse and keyboard LEDS flash then a few seconds later they flash again as it is done checking the system. Then it loads the OS, as it loads the OS it will flash again . Now if you have a optical mouse after a few minutes you will able to move the mouse and if the red light reacts to the movement thne chances are the mobo is good and it is just a graphics card issue. That is why it is good to have old graphic cards laying around for things like this. Good luck

    speaker location to your motherboard
  20. awsome man your great. im gonna go and try this out. and mabey plug video card in another computer. hope to get this thing going. im on a old school pentium 3.

    on the speaker location diagram, was the side with the 1 positive or negative?
  21. ok got speaker hooked up. tested video card on diff computer works fine. tried the onboard one and nothing. still no screen doent throw any beeps. pulled the ram out then threw some beeps. so im still stumped. any possiblitys
  22. On the speaker 1 is ground. If not, then switch it around.

    AMD Phenom™ processor (Socket AM2+)
    AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core/ Athlon™ 64 / Sempron processor

    Is your CPU supported by the mobo? This motherboard supports up tp 95 watt CPUs only.

    Did you clear the CMOS?

    Make sure the system is off when you claer CMOS.

    1. First remove the motherboard battery (might need a small screwdriver to push the retaining clip/latch out the way

    2. Clear CMOS by connecting the described jumpers

    3. Wait 15 seconds

    4. Return the CMOS jumpers to nomal position

    5. Replace the battery

    6. Turn on system

    Good luck!
  23. ok i cleared the c-mos, still nothing yup CPU is compatible with wotherboard. does anyone have any more ideas. i would hate to have to get a new motherboard.
    if i do would this one be alright?? or any suggestions to a better one around the same price with the cpu as well. thanks
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