so i just recently built my first gaming rig and for the graphics card i went with a NIVDIA GeForce GTS 250 because at the time i had some crappy 19'' Dell monitor but i just recently bought a 23'' LG LCD monitor and i was wondering if i should buy a new graphics card to get the best looking graphics while i am playing WoW. please let me know as i am not much of a computer person. the resolution i am running in game right now is 1280x800 wide and it seems a little bit fuzzy not really sharp like i would expect it 2 b.
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  1. What is the native resolution of your monior? That is usually the best setting.
    If it is fuzzy, are you talking about graphic quality, that could be corrected by turning the settings up, like AA/AF and or the resolution. 1280x800 is pretty darn low!
  2. set the monitor to its native resolution . The fuzziness is the monitor trying so spread the lower resolution to fit the screen .

    Download a program called FRAPS . The free version is all you need . What are your frame rates ?
    Anything over 30 fps is all good . Below 20 and you are watching a slide show .
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