my current PC configuration is

# CPU - Pentium 4 1.5 GHz :fou: :fou:
# Motherboard - Intel 845G
# RAM - 256+128 MB :ange: :ange:
# Monitor - Samsung 17" CRT
# HARD DRIVE- 250 + 40 GB (IDE) :pt1cable:

I want to upgrade my PC.....
i intend to use it for
# Gaming ( the machine should be able to play games like FIFA, NFS n ACTION games pretty smoothly)
# Browsing
# Desktop Processing
# Watching HD movies

Have shortlisted

# CPU - AMD Phenom II 720 and AMD Phenom II 550
# Motherboard - any compatible mobo...(name few if u knw some)
# Monitor - same as above
# SMPS - donno whether i can use the same 300W smps ...or need to buy another one.
# HARD DRIVE- (can i use the same hard drive (using IDE to SATA converter) or need to buy new one)

should i go 4 phenom 720 or ((with phenom 550 + any GPU with 1GB memory)) considerin my requirements are not high end....also i m tight on my BUDGET being a college student

:sleep: :sleep: :sleep:
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    Newegg has a regor 240 combo deal with cpu/heatsink, gigabyte 785 board, and 2x2gb of ocz pc6400 for around $217, last time I checked. The onboard video is pretty good. Check your ps for the 4 pin 12v connector that has been used for about 6 years now. 300 watts will be enough for this combo using the onboard video, and not overclocking.
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