Windows XP Pro profile problem?

I hope you can help me out on this one.

I have a user on an XP Pro workstation that logs in without problem, the DC (server02) is accessible and works without issue and up until a few days ago she had no problems. She could see the application server (server01) and life seemed normal enough.

However now after she logs in she cannot see the application server (server01), nor ping the ip of the server.

If I log in as the domain administrator however I can see the application server (server01) and map the drives. Business as usual.

I have created a new local profile for the user to no avail.

I have never seen a corrupted profile have this kind of behaviour, where should I be looking for this problem?

The application and DC are Server 2003.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Remove and create the access permitions on the server for the user.
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