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Will a CM Hyper 212 Plus fit in my case?

I'm working on getting an upgraded CPU and I want to overclock it decently. I know to overclock it I need a decent cooler. I don't want to go with a water cooling block because those are rather expensive. I'm using a standard ATX motherboard and a Rosewill Destroyer case. I was going to buy it but the reviewers said to make sure it would fit. Anyone know if it will require more space than I have enough room? I have looked at videos of it and it looks huge.
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    It should fit fine. I have seem several pics of people with that installed in your case.

    You may need to have no side fan on the case to make it fit.

    from newegg

    Pros: Very reliable, features are more than adequate, looks, ease of management with cleaning and installation.

    Cons: Lack of space for cable management.

    Other Thoughts: Great case; I've had zero issues with it. Lots of USB slots for all the wireless devices you could want to hook up. My only (admittedly minor) complaint is the lack of space to "hide" cables (I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to ideal setups). However, that being said, everything hooks up just fine, and the way the case is set up, having a cable cluster (or several) doesn't really impede air flow. Cooling isn't a problem for me; I use a 212 heat sink (which, contrary to one negative poster has plenty of room), and even under full load, temps only reach 35c with 3 120mm fans providing wind tunnel.
    *I would advocate people who are maxing out the case use 3 120mm fans set up with back fan as intake and 2 fans on top as exhaust. This setup provided a 5 degree temp drop over a more "conventional" setup.
  2. Thanks. I didn't go through all the reviews for the case. +10 helpful points.
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