SOCKET AM3 DDR3 SLI USB 3.0 MOBO's. Myth or Fact?

Good Day.

I'm from sunny South Africa, so we are a bit behind on technology news. Anycase, I'm building a new rig fairly soon and I need advice on some components as the mobo will affect the rest of my budget and the components. I don't know the Tom's Hardware forums, so I do appologize for any duplication of threads, should there be a similair thread.

I want advice on SOCKET AM3 DDR3 SLI mobo's, it seems that I can't find any of them either than the ASUS M4N98TD-Evo which retails in RSA @ R1700-00 (roughly USD $100). I just want advice on if there are any other mobo Manufacturers that offer SOCKET AM3 DDR3 SLI as well because I have given up searching, even the forums in our country are without answers, which usually have the best advice, as they are local, and it irks me so.


'K thanxbaai.
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  1. Well, there are only two other AM3 SLI motherboards that I know of - the MSI NF980-G65, which does not have USB 3.0, although it does support three way SLI, and the MSI NF750-G55 which supports two way SLI.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, even though it wasn't what I had wanted to hear. So for all purposes I'll close the thread as it is dead. However any news can people pm me thanks
  3. well, if you wanted to stick with sli, you can get a pci-e add-on card that has USB 3.0 (2 of them)
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