Constant program freezes, pitifully slow write speed

Hi everyone,

I think my hard drive motor is starting to give. It's a Western Digital 250GB from 2005. Every time I open firefox or google chrome on my other computer, my browser will freeze out of nowhere, as if my computer had no more memory.

So I figure something must have went wrong with OS install so I try to format it, but the OS install is pitifully slow. Then I try to run DBAN, which is a program that fills your hard drive with Os and it was only writing at 3 MB/s. The estimated time to simply blank the hard drive was over 3 days!
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  1. use data lifeguard diagnostic from western to test drive
  2. Well I made a really brash decision and decided to take sandpaper to my disk platters before throwing my HDD away.

    I've since bought a Seagate barracuda 7200 rpm "500 GB" hard drive. It's installing windows as fast as ever. In hindsight I am almost certain that my problems were hard drive related.
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