Cheapest DDL?

What's the cheapest PCI sound card with Dolby Digital Live or DTS Interactive? I'd prefer coaxial output over optical, but I could live with optical. I've seen the $15.00 C-Media card, but I can't find one to buy it.
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  1. Probably the ExtremeGamer, after purchasing the DDL pack and the special connector needed for optical connections...I'd go with the ASUS D1 instead, although it costs more...
  2. Thanks. I should have said "No Creative" because I hate them and all they stand for. The ASUS looks right, but I'm still hoping to get the price down some. If there's a card with nothing but digital out, that's the one I want.
  3. Not that I know of; HT Omega Striker and Asus Xonar D1/DX rule at their price range of $89, but there really aren't any attractice cheaper options I know of...
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    If all you care about is DDL or DTS encoding, ASUS' $40 Ds should work fine for you.
    It supports DTS Connect through a optical adaptor.
  5. ^^ Keep forgetting about the DS; just remember, its DTS only.
  6. Excellent. Forty is pretty low. All the decent receivers decode DTS as well as Dolby. Thanks a million.
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