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So, bought a couple Acer 22's to add to my viewsonic 22 for eyefinity (if I can ever get my hands on a 5870), and having hooked one up I'm irritated by the differences in color levels/saturation/etc. Its not a huge difference, but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a utility or tool or something to help me balance it out in the settings? I've been playing with sliders in the nvidia control panel, as well as the monitors themselves, but having little luck.

I realize that once the new card arrives I'll be dealing with this again, but it could be quite some time, and the info is useful already.

Thanks, O' sages of Tom's.
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  1. I honestly doubt that any utility will make them match in vibrance and such. As they are two different models, they will look / perform differently. Even calibrating can't make up for manufacturing differences / monitor settings.

    You can run the THX optimizer found on most DVD's to calibrate color settings and contrast / brightness. It's basic, but it does a fairly good job (and it's free if you already have a DVD that has it!).

    Good luck to you!
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