K8N4-E Deluxe 5 beeps

hey guys!
i got a bit of a prob and no money to buy another mobo/computer...

basically when i turn it on the mobo makes 5 beeps.
i tried swapping RAM sticks and running it on just one,though i understand its 2 beeps for memory issues anyway.

i looked up what the beeps meant and apparently 5 is no cpu fitted?

so i swapped the cpu in the computer im using now for the one in my k8n4 and the computer works albeit at 800mhz
(my cpu is a 3700+ thats labelled in cpuz as an engineering sample?!?)
in the k8n4e i would change the multiplier to get the spec'd 2400mhz
never oc'd it
i would use the 3700+ cpu in the computer im using now but i cant adjust the multiplier and i think even my fone runs quicker than 800mhz!!
plus its a crappy agp graphics card an the k8n4 has an 8600gts.

i tried fitting the 3000+(from the computer in using now)into the k8n4 to check if its a dead cpu or mobo and i still had the 5 beeps.

so im wondering is there a way to fix this?
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  1. For 300+ you need to have BIOS version 1008 or later if you have an older version you should update the BIOS.

    Check your BIOS version Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System information

    Download the latest BIOS from here:

  2. thanks,i cant even get to boot let alone flash a bios.to be honest i had only flashed bios using the flashing program in xp,is there another way to do it without the computer booting?
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