Need budget Advice: Now vs Later...

With the new HD 5000 series out, Core i5 gathering steam and more P55 mobos being offered, my question is would it be wiser to wait a few months before I drop the cash on a new Core i5 build? Ive read about problems with some of the mobos and the trouble with overclocking/burning CPUs. Also, do you guys think the prices of any of the main components will come down as competition heats up, especially around the upcoming Holiday Season/Black friday sales??

I would really like to pull the trigger now but not if waiting a few months to let things play out would be better??
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  1. I don't see the prices dropping much..if at all over the holiday seasons...and with Nvidia not releasing their new cards till the new year the 5800 series probably will not drop in price.

    I think it's a very good time to buy right now. (Just built a new i5 with the i5 to 4.2ghz with minimal effort)
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