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I am not very up on networking and yet have had a wireless belkin router working for a long time with no problems whilst on windows xp but now I have new pc and windows vista connected to old pc with wondows xp still and occasionaly my laptop with windows xp on. Worked fine at first but asbout six weeks ago it has started to play up with this limited connectivity message and always at busiest time for internet use so I thought was to do with my server being just taken over by another but now people are saying it's the modem. Can someone help me in real simple terms please? What do I have to do to stop this problem? Thanks
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  1. I don't know the CAUSE of your problem at the moment, but that "limited connectivity" message usually occurs when the PC can’t reach the DHCP server on your router. The DHCP server is what configures your PC's network connection (IP assignment, gateway IP, DNS server(s), etc.).

    So here’s what can happen. If for whatever reason you can’t reach that DHCP server, your PC can’t configure itself. When that happens, the PC will have no choice but to use what’s called a “self assigned IP address”. Such IP addresses always start w/ 169.254.x.x. It’s a valid IP address, technically speaking, but it can’t be used for any useful purpose. That’s why it reports “limited connectivity”. So if you check your PC’s network configuration, specifically TCP/IP, and see a number like 169.254.x.x, that’s a definitely what’s happening.

    You can check your TCP/IP configuration by going to Start->Run, and in the box, type “cmd” (no quotes), and at the command prompt, type “ipconfig” (no quotes). You’ll see at least three fields; IP Address (probably 169.254.x.x), subnet mask (probably, and Default Gateway (probably blank).

    At least if you can confirm this is the case it would be a step in the right direction. What remains to be determined is WHY this is happening.
  2. Hello I have a Belkin Adapter as well running on Windows Xp SP3. The IP Address is starting with 169.254. will you assist me?
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