5 MotherBoards and 3 memory sticks to choose from.

hey :hello: , i decided to Buy CPU E8500.
now i have this 5 mother boards that i can choose from! [only this 5].
Intel DX58SO
Palit N78S
MSI X48 Platinum
ASUS Blitz Extreme

and this 3 memory sticks:
Mushkin HP DDR3-1600 3x1GB
Samsung DDR3 PC3-8500 2x1GB
A-DATA Extreme Edition DDR2 PC2-9600 2x1GB
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    For the MOBO - I'd avoid the ECS and Palit boards (just have never had good luck with their products and the Palit MOBO is DDR2 based so that leaves the Intel,MSI aor ASUS boards which are all 3 DDR3 based making the RAM choice the Samsung as it is the only 1 listed that is DDR3 and made for a dual channel setup (the Mushkin is triple channel which means either just using 2 modules or running your system in single channel mode since the E8500 does not support triple channel) - and the A-DATA modules are DDR2 so can not be used with those 3 MOBOs !!

    Between those 3 MOBO's it is pretty much a toss up but I personally like the ASUS board but any of the 3 would work well.
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