Broken external hard drive

Hello,the port where I connect to the computer has broken. How can I rescue my info that is stored on it
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  1. There are three parts to the connection: the computer, the cable, and the drive. What exactly is broken and how is it broken? If it's the cable just grab a new one from best buy (or wherever), if it's the computer then try a different port (if it's usb). If it's the port on the drive then then you'll have to try some more extreme measures.
  2. danraies said:
    then then you'll have to try some more extreme measures.

    Don't spook the newcomer, it is not extreme, I would say "on the practical side" of using a computer.

    But I agree, we need more info to see what fix you need.

    And finally, welcome to the forum!
  3. This thread is pretty old but i'm hoping against hope someone will respond. My port on the actual hard drive is disconnected from the rest of the unit. I've never really used it before but I'm running out of room on my laptop and figured it was time to transfer some stuff. Can it be fixed/how do i fix it?
  4. I think I can close this thread.
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